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"What Makes a Winner? Examining the Traits that Set MJ Apart and how YOU can Tap into the Energy

"What Makes a Winner? Examining the Traits that Set MJ Apart and how YOU can Tap into the Energy

Like Mike, If I can be Like Mike! MJ is an example of the Ultimate competitor!  His will and heart to win were unmatched by any of his opponents, making him a true legend in the game.

Hell, he was even an ultimate competitor against something that takes a little luck and control in gambling. The stories were, he would bet on anything, checkers, monopoly, shooting a paper ball in an office trash can.

When you think about Michael Jordan, you can't help but be impressed by his sheer determination and drive to succeed. He was never satisfied with just being good enough; he always pushed himself to be better, to reach new heights of excellence that few others could even imagine.

This is where his WILL comes into play. Jordan had an unwavering commitment to achieving greatness, no matter what obstacles stood in his way. Whether it was injuries, tough opponents, or personal setbacks, he refused to let anything stand between him and victory.

There is a misconception about magick. People believe that magick is some kind of luck or mystical phenomenon that comes into the fold. Real true magick has a very Important component called the WILL.

In Phillip Coopers book the Magickian, he speaks on Magickal Thought and says – “Magickal Thought is a Deliberate thought ACTIVATED by the WILL!” That tells you that Magick has a lot to do with your ability to focus deeply on an aspect that you want to see come down into the 3rd dimension.

The Focus is Key and Mike had a lot of it, because he would tunnel vision into Kang the conqueror destroy mode. So, then if you understand symbology, you understand that when you use particular symbols to re-establish focus, then you would be more inclined to do some of the one off things that spirit gives you as a tool.

For example, Mike is coming up heavy in this Quantumanina time and the energy is leading us to Kang the Conqueror or Michael Jordan. So, what you can do is watch old Mike clips, wear his shoes and clothing, read up on Mike, really tap into and stay in the energy so you can ride on your greatness and Will Power.

But it wasn't just his WILL that made him such a force on the court. It was also his HEART. He played with an intensity and passion that was impossible to ignore, inspiring not only his teammates but also fans all around the world.

And when it came down to crunch time - when the game was on the line, and everything was at stake - there was no one else you would rather have on your team than Mike. He had a knack for rising to the occasion.

Look at your life and be honest with yourself, ARE YOU RISING TO THE OCCASION?

If not, I highly recommend you tap into this Mike energy NOW. Whether you like him or hate him, that’s not the point. The point is you getting into your God force Energy that will move mountains and destroy that stagnant, playing small energy inside of you.


Dream Wise

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James Jeremiah - February 25, 2023

Thank you for such clarity. Ase Ase Ase and Ankhs x 3.
James Jeremiah

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