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Free Shipping when you Spend Over $60


Hello! I really Love my Herbs.Thank you so much.I’ve been able to relax and drift into a deep sleep.I dream every night & awake feeling refreshed.I’ve been suffering from insomnia for a while.Thanks to MENTALCHEMY Products I’m able to meditate and get my proper rest.Peace Family

Pamela Pitts

These supplements are the truth. I noticed the effects within a few days. During meditation my 1st Eye region vibrates more noticeably and I'm starting to recall my dreams again. Best brand on the market. Thanks family.

Cameron Kemp

One of the first nights I had em I saw myself going through different rooms in my house each one had a memory I tried to forget or completely forgot I tried to leave one of the rooms and the door was locked until I was able to come to an understanding of that experience

Jamie Gibson

Fantastic herb. I found that taking them with cayenne pepper maximizes the effects in a matter of mins. Especially on an empty stomach.

Michael Ervin

Changed my entire life the first day I took them . The silence is golden . I can meditate at a much higher level with ease . Throughout the day I can push my self further because I don’t have constant thoughts telling me to quit or be lazy . Honestly I was a skeptic at first but it’s no going back at this point .

Lloyd Howard

Amazing, amazing product - I've tried a couple of products from Amazon, none compare to this. Thanks Dream for creating this! Peace


My Dream supplements are my fav go to b4 I lay down to dream and my dreams are very vivid. When I wake up I find mycell just laying in bed 4 a few moments trippin out on some of the dreams I have and clearly remember.....def gotta order more b4 I run out. This is a really good quality product, highly recommend.

Kel M Reese

These are amazing. I’ve been taking 2 right before bed and I’ve been able to recall my dreams 100 times better. I was taking them in the morning at first but I found them more effective at night for me.

ryan rhodes

These pills are the truth. It helps to get rid of all the mind chatter so u can get in the zone of meditation. Also relaxes the body and relieves stress. Works 100xs better with the First Eye supplement. The only problem is getting more before they are sold out. Lol

Michael E


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