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New QUICK and EASY Technique for the GODS (Spiritual Workers Only)

New QUICK and EASY Technique for the GODS (Spiritual Workers Only)

In the game of self-discovery, I stumbled upon this dope technique that's been shifting my whole vibe in just a week and I wanted to share it with the family.

Picture this, visualize a Blue Sun from your throat chakra to your crown, all while jamming to Andre 3000's latest, the New Blue Sun Album. 

Blue Sun Visualization:

Sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes, and control your breath with 4 in 4 hold and 4 out.

Imagine a blue glow starting at your throat, turning into a sun that expands and covers you. Let that Blue Sun hit your crown, feel the clarity, and ride that wave of higher awareness.

Andre 3000's New Blue Sun Album Music is the vibe, and this album sets the mood. Throw on your headphones, let the beats flow, and sync up. This is an album for aliens, so humans wouldn't understand.

 Keep at it, and you'll notice a shift – subtle shifts in your day-to-day awareness that you probably weren’t privy of.  It's your power source, making your words heard clearer and intentional. You will catch yourself before you speak against yourself.

 Roll with this Blue Sun technique and the blue sun for a week. Watch how it transforms your speech, your goals, and most importantly, your self-perception. Elevate your game with this combo of visualization and sound. Let the Blue Sun and Andre 3000 guide you to a whole new level of self-awareness and power. Stay lit, fam!

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Protegewill - December 6, 2023

Thanks for taking the time to share; much appreciated!!

Leander Tyiska - December 6, 2023


Rebecca - December 6, 2023

Thanks Family
Just a side note the movie wish is dropping nuggets
You need to decode that one for sure


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