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The Real Secret to Avatar that YOU must KNOW! 💫 by Dream Wise

The Real Secret to Avatar that YOU must KNOW! 💫 by Dream Wise

At its core, Avatar is a story about the Spiritual Journey through Nature.


In the movie we learn to connect with our soul and the world around us in ways that humans don't understand.


Embracing a realm of magick and connecting with your higher self is the point of Avatar.

With the Way of Water coming out, I'm 100% sure they will keep the same mysticism with nature.


Nature just means Natural. Your Natural way of being. Nature becomes a teacher, a guide in your life if you understand the power of elements.

Throughout the first Avatar, we are shown how nature is connected to our souls in magical ways.


The Tree of Souls provides an example of this connection; by touching it with the power of love, the Na'vi can commune with their ancestors and gain knowledge from them beyond what is achievable through physical means.


Look at what James Cameron called the people, the Na’vi or the Navigation. Keeping you in alignment or in the direction of your purpose.


Trees, Nature, the sun is portals to the unseen world. Nature is a bridge for us to connect to the spiritual realm and our higherselves

The Na'vi people have a deep connection to nature, one which we can all learn from and strive towards. Nature teaches us how to be in harmony, respect, and gratitude with ourselves and the world around us.


Negative ions are such a big part of my spiritual growth and development. I make attempts to spend at least 2 hours a day outside.


These Negative Ions that are emitted from Nature, help us to become more present and mindful.




Being in the NOW and not dwelling in the past or worrying about the future is keeping you in alignment with Spirit!

Think about a car alignment. When the wheels of a car are out of alignment, the car does not move forward in a straight line. It's the same with our Spiritual Paths! We must be aligned to stay on course.

To Navigate through this world with intuition and knowing, instead of ego and fear.

 We can use Nature as a Spiritual Guide to help us realign and reset, but ultimately, we must take responsibility for ourselves and keep our thought forms in check. 

Nature gives us the reminder that there is more to this world than the distraction of the day, the drama trauma of our past and the ego driven thoughts that don't serve us.

 I know the Matrix is addicting, but I also know that GETTING OUTSIDE, being by yourself and communing with nature is going to lead you back Inside.


Dream Wise



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joann reeves - December 29, 2022

I connected mostly with the late part of this article…I can relate.

Thanks and Peace to the gods

Nfn Shaka - December 10, 2022

Peace to the Chaos God, about a week ago I took a picture of a Rainbow and posted on my Facebook page. Check it out and you will innerstand the frequency I vibrate on A’se.

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