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The Fish God 🐟 Dive Deeper – The Spiritual symbolic Meaning of Fish 🐟 by Dream Wise

The Fish God 🐟 Dive Deeper – The Spiritual symbolic Meaning of Fish 🐟 by Dream Wise

Fish Symbolize the Union Between the masculine and Feminine energy's inside of you. Also represents New Birth or New Life Sprouting Up.


Hence the Notion of your grandma saying, "I had a Dream about Fish". "Who's Pregnant"?  But as we Know it doesn't have to represent a Physical Birth, but it could be a Birth of New ideas, new way of thinking, A New relationship, and so on and so forth.


A Fish Swimming in the Waters is Symbolic of the Subconscious Mind! So, if you have a Fish Dream, it means that your Spirit is giving you a Message or trying to give you a Message.


When You See a Spirit in the Form of a Fish, it is Reminding You to go with the Flow and Have Faith or a deeper understanding is your mind is saying “Just Keep Swimming, just keep Swimming”! You’re programmed in this flow or state your autonomous nature, that’s working for you.


The fish is also a very ancient symbol of Christ. In early Christian art Jesus was often shown as a fish, or as a man with a fish on his head or in his hand.


The Greek word for fish is ichthus, which can be acronymized to mean "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior." Thus, the fish became an important symbol for Christians.


The Dogon had a Fish God named Nommo who was born of water. He is the spirit of the primordial waters and the first ancestor.


As a Spirit animal, the Fish invites you to dive deep below the surface of your emotions to connect with the ever-flowing energies of life.

 It’s time to heed the call of your intuition and allow its currents to guide you toward greater fulfilment. If Fish have swum into your life, it’s a sign that good fortune is on its way.

Trust that you have everything you need to make your dreams a reality. Have faith and dive in DEEP!


Dream Wise

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Tony - February 4, 2023

Dreamwise this must be a sign you sending this a this time …I must continue with my dream to birth a new idea . Thank you Blessings to you and your family.

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