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About Your STANCE in Life and How to Change it 💎by Dream Wise

About Your STANCE in Life and How to Change it 💎by Dream Wise

When I had a Job, one of my co-workers used to cross they arms all the time. We were working with kids, so it used to look like she would be angry or disgusted by them.


She assured me that wasn’t the case, but I used to tell her, “Watch how your body speaks”.


Some months go by, and she notice her hand is shaking without consciously making it move.


This uncontrollable shake had her shook, so she checked in with her doctor.





This Dis Ease was a spiritual manifestation from the way her body language speaks. Body language is one of the biggest unchecked issues in this spiritual work.


You can use body language as a spiritual tool that assists you in the unseen world. Subconscious mind.  

In order to use body language as a tool for spiritual growth, you need to first become aware of your own posture, gestures, and subtle facial expressions.


Notice when things such as clenching your jaw or tightening your shoulders occur - this could mean that you are experiencing fear or distress.


On the other hand, when you experience feelings of joy or contentment, these might manifest as a relaxed stance or open arms.


Self-reflection can provide helpful insight into which emotions are triggering these physical responses so that you can better channel them into constructive thoughts or actions.


When I was Studying NLP heavy, the main energy that I was drawn towards was Body language.

The biggest lesson I learned was that we can use the body to draw in the energy of what we are trying to create.


For example, if you are trying to manifest more money, try engaging your body language as if you already have it. Stand tall and proud with your chest out, hands open wide, and shoulders pushed back - this is a posture of abundance!


On the other hand, if you feel uncertain or scared about something, it’s important to not let those feelings control your movements. Instead, continue intentionally standing in a powerful position while breathing deeply and repeating positive affirmations to yourself.


 This will help reframe your inner dialogue and bring forth constructive solutions.


Power Poses is also another great way to use body language as a tool for spiritual growth. Power poses involve standing in a physical position that conveys confidence and control, such as putting your hands on your hips or widening your stance and holding it for a certain amount of time. Super-man Pose!


Look Closely at my very first logo 

 Research has found that power poses help increase feelings of self-confidence and can even reduce levels of stress hormones!


By being mindful of both the physical body and the mental state, you can use body language as a tool to help manifest your desired outcomes.


Whether it’s success in the physical or strong relationships with your higher self - using body language to reinforce positive intentions can be a powerful way to create lasting change in your Spiritual Journey!


Dream Wise

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Kel Reese - January 16, 2023

Ashé💚💃🏽🧘🏽‍♀️ Thank u

Mikeia El - January 15, 2023

Thanks fam this was helpful. I appreciate you 🙏🏽

Butterflypurplesilver - January 15, 2023

Thank you for this insight.

‘Fake it till you make it’.

Let’s go


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