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The Biggest Mistake in Crafting your Own Reality 💎

The Biggest Mistake in Crafting your Own Reality 💎

There was a Point in my Life where I was on a Kamikaze mission with drugs and alcohol.

Bars, weed, tabs, I was completely out of control and was running from my true self trying to play hueman.

That man wasn’t serving me it was hindering my superman abilities. The problem was I didn’t believe I was a X man.

That X Man had to come out, so I can play longer down here in this Matrix.

Black X MEN

We are in control of our own truth and destiny and have the power to manipulate it.

It is up to each individual to take charge of their lives and create the reality they want for themselves with thought mind power.

If others don't understand or agree with our decisions, it does not matter- what matters is that we are living authentically and true to ourselves and following spirit.

This is not no fraternity or sorority where we are doing the same dances. You must have the undeniable courage about your GOD KNOWING POWER!

Faith in oneself is the Key, as well as having the courage to move forward with plans no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

Developing self-awareness and understanding your strengths, weaknesses, desires, and passions will help make decisions easier as you move forward with building a strong spiritual life.

Ultimately, CONTROLLING OUR TRUTH and creating our own realities will lead us on a path towards success and fulfillment.

Taking control of your life starts with YOU believing in your cells and having faith in your own spiritual abilities’ superman.

You got this Chaos Being! Just Dream Wise


Dream Wise


Check this Video out with Bobby if you want a Deeper Understanding 

Sitting on Top of the World

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Syomi - February 9, 2023

Digging the blog than you for this

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