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How to Control Your Clock and Not Let it Control You 🕒

How to Control Your Clock and Not Let it Control You 🕒

What is Time?

Is it something tangible or immaterial?

Is it an answer to a question or the starting point of an exploration into what's possible with our minds and hearts?

Does it move us forward or back, define our actions or reveal hidden knowledge within ourselves?

Time is mysterious and captivating. We can measure it, use it as a tool to achieve goals, and live by its rhythms—but its true nature remains elusive to us.

 We often feel overwhelmed by the ticking clock, weighed down by expectations of ourselves and others.

But what if we could understand time differently? What if we knew that every second of every day was there for us to explore and enjoy?

We are the wheels on the clock, spinning through life. Every moment presents an opportunity for growth, healing, and creating a better version of ourselves.

We have all the tools necessary within us to create a life that meets our needs—we just need to slow down enough to recognize those opportunities that’s buried in the depths of our mind.

So, what is Time? 

 Let’s look at the word Seconds. 

 Seconds really means 2nd. So, what happens First? 

 First is your THOUGHT. Then the seconds is the happening.

That means your Thought is First then the world will respond to them thoughts.

By taking some time to understand your thoughts you can thus understand your reality.

Observing Ego is you Observing your thoughts and taking control of your thoughts and feelings.

 Practice is the Key to True Consciousness and the more you observe your thoughts, the more you control your clock!


Dream Wise

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miriam - February 18, 2023

This! Gratitude god for you and your goddess. Yal truly a blissing. This one of those things that Im doing before I read it know it, if that makes sense. Ive been doing that since awakening & healing observing my thoughts so now I’m in control of my clock!👏

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