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The Call to Adventure - What is the Heru's Journey Really About?? 🤔

The Call to Adventure - What is the Heru's Journey Really About?? 🤔

We all know that our lives are filled with struggles and challenges, both big and small. But many of us don't realize that these difficulties are essential for growth and learning.

The Hero's Journey is more than just a story - it's an archetypical energy of how we must overcome obstacles in order to reach new levels of understanding and success.

Adversity is necessary for us to discover who we are and to become our best selves. Without it, we would be unable to push ourselves further into our potential, trying new things and discovering what works for us is the right of a Chaos Being.

Even if it doesn't feel like it, taking on something difficult can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. We learn from failure, but even more from success when we persevere through difficulty times.

When I was overdosing and abusing drugs, I’ve learned through the pain about the person I was and would love to be.

Life without growth or progress would be stagnant, dull, and joyless. Taking on your Heru’s Journey means venturing beyond our comfort zone into uncharted waters in search of adventure and self-discovery.

Our courage helps us evolve as people when we take risks that could potentially lead us down paths unknown...

The Heru's Journey teaches us that change is inevitable, but so too is discomfort and fear along the way. We may never know where this journey will take us, but one thing remains certain: embracing our fears while striving towards betterment yields positive results in the long run.

With every obstacle we face comes newfound strength, knowledge about ourselves, and a greater appreciation for the God in YOU.

Adversity brings out our greatest potential because it forces us to evolve in ways unimaginable before its arrival into our lives - whether through personal goals or worldly ones. It helps build character by continuing to challenge who we think we are and helps redefine who we want to become moving forward.

 Life is only truly fulfilling when faced with constant adversity and difficulty; otherwise life would lack the excitement needed to keep pushing towards new heights.

We are not designed for peace alone because such is the nature of this world - where predators and prey thrive together with everything striving to survive against all odds despite great uncertainty in our future ahead.

Therefore it should come as no surprise why courage plays an important role in allowing us to accept whatever challenges lay before us on all stages of our Heru’s Journey, ever-changing journey – a journey filled with a call to ADVENTURE!


Dream Wise


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Alisha - March 16, 2023

Thank uuuuu for this
I needed 2 read this for what I am currently going thru💯💯🙏🏾

Sharon - March 15, 2023

Dream Wise,
That was beautiful and on point! The resonance is extremely strong! Thank you for aligning with my ancestors and me!

Sharon Scipio

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