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The Biggest Mistake I see Amongst Conscious People 👀

The Biggest Mistake I see Amongst Conscious People 👀

I love looking at women with curves! Ass at the church house was everywhere when I was a kid and I used to fight it off because I didn’t want to be lusting in church. Sister Thelma coming into the church house with that church dress on was making my loins do the happy dance. I was fighting not to stare while she was jumping up and down in  praise for Jesus.

When I got into consciousness, I understood that part of myself wasn’t right or wrong good or bad, it just was an aspect that I had to embrace and honor instead of succumbing to the pressures of society’s judgement.

The shadow self refers to parts of our personality that we unconsciously repress or deny. These parts of ourselves are often considered to be immoral or undesirable, leading us to feel shame or guilt when we acknowledge it. However, as we embrace our shadow selves, we may discover an inner wholeness and sense of completeness that we had previously been missing.

According to Carl Jung, the shadow is made up of the parts of ourselves that we reject or disown, such as anger, envy, or sexuality. Jung believed that when we deny these aspects of ourselves, they continue to exist below our conscious awareness, influencing our behaviors and emotions in negative ways.

To become more conscious of our shadow selves, we must first recognize and acknowledge them. This may involve exploring our emotions and behaviors, and identifying patterns that may have been influenced by our subconscious desires or fears. We must also be willing to accept and integrate our shadows, recognizing that every aspect of ourselves contributes to our overall sense of identity.

While it can be difficult to face the parts of ourselves that we have been taught to condemn, the process of embracing our shadow selves can lead to personal growth and healing.

By accepting and integrating our shadows, we discover newfound freedom and a greater sense of self-awareness. Rather than being ashamed of the negative aspects of ourselves, we can learn to see them as opportunities for learning and self-discovery.

Emerging with your shadow is about self-acceptance and self-knowledge. By embracing our shadow selves, we can become more integrated and whole individuals. We can learn to see ourselves with compassion, Kuan Yin, recognizing that even the parts of ourselves that we may consider undesirable are essential to our unique identities. So, let us start embracing our shadow selves and emerge with both lightness and darkness that makes us complete.

Dream Wise


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April - March 22, 2023

Love this! In the past, I didn’t think it was necessary to dig up old painful experiences or suppressed pieces of my personality. As I’ve come into middle age, I’m recognizing that whether you consciously look at these things or not, they will reintroduce themselves or make themselves seen, often in not such pleasant ways. I’m grateful for your platform and others that have helped me find the courage to embrace my shadow. Thanks to Dre for her recent book recommendation, The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers by Debbie Ford. It’s the perfect assistant for shadow work. Peace to everyone who is on this journey to wholeness.

Nate O. - March 21, 2023

This what I been working on lately. It’s so very imperative on the spiritual path. It may suck, but man just give yourself and inward hug and say it’s okay. We all come here to learn and grow. Growth can be fun when you detach from the persona.

Peace and love.

Tara - March 21, 2023

Good read

Linda Ako - March 21, 2023

Very insightful. Thank you

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