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Free Shipping when you Spend Over $60
Seven and the Good Luck Spectrum 777 by Dream Wise

Seven and the Good Luck Spectrum 777 by Dream Wise

Seven and the Good Luck Spectrum.

Since we are arriving in this Seven Month, I thought I would Examine the Number 7. Also, I want to offer you a special Discount on our Now 7 Classes!! We have 7 transformational Classes that will enliven and give you some spiritual Gnosis on your Spiritual Adventure! For the Next 7 Days we discounted all the course. This Course bundle Consists of all 7 Spiritual Classes in the Mentalchemy Library! The Full Mental Alchemy Course Bundle gives you access to all 7 of our premium Spiritual development classes, so you can learn how to Master your Mind, Body, and Soul!

 Now we Understand what 7 means to us Spiritually dealing with the chakras. You have 7 primary chakras that is aligning you with this human experience. There are also the 7 laws of Djhuety, which are the foundation for understanding the universe at Large. If you are able to get these to Spiritual Works down Pact, you will become GOD 7! Ruler of all you savey! SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD! 

7 is considered a very lucky number amongst the Humans and rightfully so as we can see 7 ties into a lot of earthly things. 7 Continents, 7 seas, 7 days of a week, 7 notes in an octave which is still the chakra sounds along with 7 colors of the rainbow. We could go on and on with this, but I want to focus on the good Luck Spectrum of the number 7.

When you truly look at it, we can clearly see how people can tie 7 into lucky. The biggest key in my understanding of it is the unconscious collective. The Unconscious Collective Web, if you will, have an agreement factor to anything that will trigger the minds of the masses and us to declare that number or idea to be lucky. When we all say it’s a winner, well then, our minds will form an agreement around that principle.

The Key to Understanding the Role of Seven in your life is to look at the energy that surrounds it with you. If you're feeling good about seven, then it's likely that it's a Positive force in your life. However, if you're feeling negative about seven, then it's probably best to avoid letting it dictate your actions too much. Just like if you have a notion or thing with the 7 deadly sins. Instead, focus on the other numbers in your life that bring you positive energy and let them guide you more than seven does.

My numbers are 44 23 13 and so on, I like 7 too 😁 but the idea and the key in this number magick is to remove yourself from the manusha and choose numbers that seem to always bring about change or good luck for your vibration. maybe it’s a license plate number, birthday number, something you always see on the clock. My recommendation is to form a Ritual around that particular number and make it your own. So now when you do align with this specific number, you know your Higher Self is giving you a clue or code saying, " Hey you’re Right on Time"!!

Dream Wise


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Bobo Umfoofoo - December 12, 2022

Magick Article ma brotha 🧙🪄🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

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