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A Quick 5 Min Ritual for You on Fridays by Dream Wise

A Quick 5 Min Ritual for You on Fridays by Dream Wise

A Friday Ritual to gain clarity of your week! Friday is a day where people are usually happy because the weekend is close. It is a day to reflect on your week and get pumped for the weekend.

When I worked a Job, I Couldn't wait till Friday! Excited to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing for the weekend, just to wake up Sunday and dreading that the work week was here.

I remember that if I did not take some time for myself on Fridays to really think about my week, the weekend comes and goes without me really enjoying it.

I created a ritual and routine called Focus Friday, where I would Focus on something small about myself that I wanted to change from the previous week. Usually, it would be to be more patient with humans, (co-workers), but I started to assess different things that made me FEEL inadequate or robotic.

I would go into meditation and see myself at work changing situations where I was complacent and annoyed.

Remember your feelings and emotions dictate your world! If your able to compartmentalize why you react the way you react, you can then start to change the trajectory of how you see yourself and the thoughtforms that come to you.

Visualizing yourself as a winner and changing specific outcomes are a great way to move into your heart space, which is the key to all of this!

In order to manifest from your heart chakra, you need a balanced heart chakra. You need a clean spiritual slate to really bring through your heart’s desires.

The physical aspect of yourself and the spiritual aspect of your being must work in unison. It is very important that you understand this concept so you can hold a lot more light, which means higher vibrations and faster manifestation time for your dreams.

  • So how do we expand our Light?
  • What is holding you back in your life that you dwell on?
  • What’s heavy on your Heart?
  • Is there a situation that you haven't let go of?
  • How much of your situation do you blame others?

When we talk about being Pure of Heart and letting go of external traumas and fears, were speaking on the Power of Forgiveness and the Strength in understanding that everything happening to you is your own doing.

How do you Grow From where you’re at?

Were you taught to just let things happen without taking responsibility for your own actions?

When you take ownership of your actions and emotions you are Now placing yourself in GODHOOD!!

Going into Visualization and seeing yourself as winner is a great weekly ritual for you to put Power on self and your self-development!

Tap into your Focus Friday! It’s a Quick 5 Min Ritual you can do to open up the way!

Dream Wise


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Thank You Both! - July 17, 2022

I Really need this. Thanks for the time and energy you all give to help elevate the people.

Jaslynn - July 9, 2022

Thanks so much you and your wife’s emails give me life !

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