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Lucid Dreaming Steps for Spiritual Workers 🎩💪🏿 by Dream Wise

Lucid Dreaming Steps for Spiritual Workers 🎩💪🏿 by Dream Wise

A Lucid Dream is a type of dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment; however, this is not actually necessary for a dream to be described as lucid.

 Lucid Dreaming is Huge in your Spiritual Journey! It helps you understand how multidimensional you are. Lucid Dreaming also helps you build a comfortable environment in the matrix.

When I lucid Dream, I always feel special or a sense of peace. Just knowing your awake in your dream state, the Astral Realms, and you can do things you couldn’t do on Earth is exciting. Which brings me to one point in lucid Dreaming try to stay calm when you’re in it, so you won’t jolt yourself to wake up.

  Besides taking the Haritaki Dream Supplements 30 mins before Bed, here are some things you can do to gain the mindset and energy to Lucid Dream!  

Here are some Tips for Lucid Dreaming


    1.Confidence Confidence Confidence

I can tell you how big this one is.. If you can believe it you can achieve it and with lucid Dreaming believing you can do it consistently is the real power.


  1. Affirmations

 A-firm throughout the day and right before you go to Sleep.

“I Always Dream”

“I wake up in my dreams all the time”

“Tonight, I will lucid Dream”

“I’m excited about waking up in my Dream tonight”

The Key is Repetitiously saying the Affirmations and believing what your saying. The Mind is All, and the universe is mental so you must Know that your Words are True. 💪🏾

*Repetition means A lot A lot | 200 times or more throughout the day.


  1. Being Mindful throughout your waking life...

Mindfulness is a Big one. When your mindful of your surroundings and not having your Mind Full of the distraction or the struggles of the day, this will make your Lucid Dreaming experience that much easier. I’ll explain in #4, but you want to practice being in the Now and enjoying your day.

Also, throughout the day tell yourself that you are dreaming, and this is a dream. Guess what it is. 😉

A big Part of being mindfulness is meditation. The more you do it, the greater your consciousness can see past the distractions MF start enjoying your Own surroundings. I would say do at least two meditations a day for at least 20 mins a day. Start slow you got this! Schedule time to love on yourself and be in your own mind. 🎩💯👁


  1. The Peculiar in your Dreams

When you practice Mindfulness, your peculiar moments in the dream State will start taking form. This is when you will bring your consciousness to the forefront and say, “wait I’m dreaming” DONT get excited, don’t be alarmed, just take your time to observe your surroundings.

Eventually when you get used to something, something strange, I.e. you’re in your childhood apartment, you’re playing Sports, which you don’t do anymore 😂, you’re seeing pigs fly... whatever strange thing that comes up, should wake your conscious mind up and make you a player in the game, instead of being on Autopilot.


  1. Meditate yourself to sleep

This one is self-explanatory and doesn’t necessarily help you in being Lucid, but it will help you have more vivid dreams which will help you see clearer in the dream and eventually wake you up in the dream.

In my experience I always have my lucid dreams about 1am 2am in the morning. That second wake up is key and is when you’re really in REM! I would say don’t wake yourself up, but if you do wake up in the middle of the night like myself, Affirm Affirm Affirm and get ready to fly baby. 🎩💯


 Above All you must be engulfed in the Practice. Take two months or so. Really dive into the Practices, take your Haritaki Dream Supplements, watch videos on Lucid Dreaming, really Ingratiate Your Being with Lucid Dreaming. You want to get into a space where you’re having 1 Lucid Dream a week... that’s power and that’s a goal everyone should shoot for.

So much so, that 1 will turn into 2 lucid Dreams a Week!! Don’t get discouraged when you’re in the work. It will happen! It will be Amazing, and you will be able to observe what your Subconscious Mind is relying to you in real time, but also when you finally do Lucid Dream,  don’t be afraid to FLY!!


-Dream Wise

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Etoya Conyers - July 21, 2022


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