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How to Recognize who is a part of your Spiritual SOUL Family? by Dream Wise

How to Recognize who is a part of your Spiritual SOUL Family? by Dream Wise

How to recognize who is a part of your spiritual family?

 How to identify your Soul Family, someone you are bound to in Spiritual ways.

 Even if they don't necessarily believe the same things or follow the same path as us, there is still some form of energy exchange that goes on between them.

 An exchange of energy that's balanced and harmonious between all parties involved.

 A soul family can be anyone or anything, including pets and animals. We are all connected in some way, even if it's subtle.

 We can identify our spiritual family through feelings of deep love and acceptance.

When we meet someone from our spiritual family there is an instant feeling of peace and connection between both parties that transcends any physical boundaries.

 It could also manifest as a strong sense of familiarity when we first meet them or when talking about something that brings us joy. At times, it may even feel like you’ve known them for years without ever having met before.

 These are just a few ways how to identify your soul family members but ultimately it comes down to your own intuition. Your KNOWING!

 Again, it doesn't necessarily have to be anyone that has the same ideologies as you, it can be someone that always seem to be there at the right time.

 For Example. Dra and I have a good friend who's one of our spiritual assistances down here in the physical. She assists in subtle but very vital ways. She’s always been one of our daycare providers for our kids. She seems to be green juicing for her family as we are entering into a fast and need that work as well. The list can go on and on.

 Interesting and shocking to be always intuitively aligned to the same missions we be on at the particular times. She always has a way of showing up at the right time and in ways that would benefit us all.

 Remember, you don't need to believe the same religion or faith for someone to be part of your spiritual family. It’s about being connected on a deeper level and understanding each other in an intuitive manner.

 No matter who it is, noticing these strong feelings of connection will alert you that this person could very well be a member of your spiritual family. So, take some time to appreciate them and enjoy the beautiful energy exchange between both parties!

 More than anything else, having members of your spiritual family around you can serve as a reminder of your divine purpose and help to keep you grounded in the present moment.

 They will also be there to give you comfort, guidance, and wisdom when needed.

 Acknowledge their presence in your life and cherish the moments spent with them!


Dream Wise


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Awesome article!

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