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How to Overcome the Low Vibrational Slave Mindset by Dream Wise

How to Overcome the Low Vibrational Slave Mindset by Dream Wise

Enslavement is in the MIND.


Enslaved people Must FREE themselves or they will remain Enslaved.

Enslaved in the Mind.


Valuing something outside oneself more than one values the God in them. 


Living Under unchallenged assumptions, authority, rules, etc. in the MIND.


When we talk about sheep, slave, robots, the walking dead, we are speaking on the aspect of one’s mind.


The control of another being without them raising a finger or questioning anything is known as a slave mindset.

 When you come to Love and Appreciate the God which is YOU, you then realize that outside control was always an illusion.


To Control your Universe, you must Control your Mind and the Mind is the only thing that separates you and the walking Dead. 


What tends to happen is low vibrational thought forms become ramped in one’s mind because you believe that the ego driven thoughts is YOU.


Leading you into bondage and slavery of the mind because you refuse to think for yourself.


When these Low vibrational Thought Forms come into the fold, you want to replace them with positive thoughts and imagery! 


Here is a Ritual You can do Daily to get out of the slave mindset.


Create a Trigger Word!


A Trigger Word is a word or phrase that you can use when you catch yourself drifting into low vibrational thought mode.


It could be something like “Free Dome” or any other word that resonates with you.

This Trigger word should be coded with a Phrase or language that helps you Visualize yourself as winner quickly! 


Whenever you say this Trigger Word, Stop and Focus on Your Breath for 30 seconds and visualize yourself as a Strong, Confident, Assured Being! 


This will help to Free your Mind from the Low Vibrational Thought forms that’s pulling you into limbo and allow it to expand beyond its limitations.

 Other practices such as Meditation, Journaling and Deep Breathing Exercises are also powerful tools in helping one break out of the slave mentality.


These practices can help one shift their focus to the King or Queen that they are, which will increase their self-esteem and inner strength over time, but it must be done consistently to stimulate an effect. 


By taking back control of your mind with a trigger word, it 'll help to end the cycle of enslavement in your inner world and keep you living with a FREE DOME.


Dream Wise 



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Stephanie - January 4, 2023

Thank you I am one that looks outside for help but very supportive of others. I’m learning now to focus on what I want for myself.

Fusion - December 30, 2022

Thank you, this was well needed

Jovona Smothers - December 29, 2022

Thank you for these words in informative information. I really needed to read this today.

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