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Free Shipping when you Spend Over $60
How I Became Mentally, Emotionally, Finacially FREE! Your 2023 Cheat CODE by Dream Wise

How I Became Mentally, Emotionally, Finacially FREE! Your 2023 Cheat CODE by Dream Wise

How I Became Mentally, Emotionally, Finacially FREE! 

I had been addicted to drugs since I was 19. I knew it wasn't going to end well, but I couldn't seem to break free from the deadly cycle of drug abuse.

Seeing that world was going to End in 2012 anyway, what was the point of Life, I thought.

  I tried quitting cold turkey, but that only led me back into dependency of alcohol, which drove me back to the drugs. I felt like there was no hope for me until 2012 happened and I was still here.

That 2013 Year I was lost and confused; I was assured that the world was going to end. What I came to realize the world did end.

My old world of being the conscious dude ended and my new world of Spiritual Worker came into the fold.

See, I had to realize, I'm steady waking up in this Matrix, so I might as well make use of it!

Meditation Saved my Life!

Meditation became my Medication!

It is my alternative form of relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety, but also my release into the Astral Planes.

At first, I thought it was a waste of time, because I knew all the spiritual sciences, what do I have to sit still for.

It didn't take long for me to realize how much better I felt mentally, spiritually, and even physically after meditating regularly.

My mood improved drastically and even though there were still lingers of the old me, they weren’t nearly as strong or frequent as before.

 After months of diligently practicing meditation on a regular basis, I eventually found my self more confident and secure in the physical along with the unseen world!  


The best part was, not only did my life improve dramatically through this newfound practice - so did my financial situation!

Because I was able to tap into Spirit, I was able to receive download channels and plays for me to do in this waking life, that helps support my physical world!


Nowadays you can find me teaching and professing to others how they too can benefit from the power of meditation – helping them achieve inner peace while staying away from external substances along their path towards happiness is my goal!

My lovely wife and I wrote a Dynamite Book on Meditation! 33 Meditations to Creating the Life You Desire! The instant download eBook is being offered TODAY ONLY at a STEAL, so you can jump start your 2023 with Practices and Techniques to create a life you desire!

Entering this 2023 I want everyone to stay stead fast and reassured of their journey!

This 7 Year is about Sacrifice and giving up some form of energy to reciprocate back your hearts desires!

So, you are taking time out of your day and pushing yourself to another level when you just want to do 10 mins of meditation, but you sacrifice and do 20 is the POWER energy you will see return to you 10-Fold!


Grab your Book of Meditations - 33 Meditations to Creating the Life You Desire eBook Today!

In it we go over Meditations for Prosperity, Spiritual Growth, Protection, Mental Clarity and more! Offer Ends Midnight. 

Much Love Family and Welcome to the 23!


Dream Wise

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Tara - January 1, 2023

Great share!

Joann Reeves - January 1, 2023

Hi Family… I already have that particular book and it is awesome thank you so much Dream and Dra Wise.. .. I am so grateful for you both …Peace

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