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Here's a Shortcut to getting your Physcial world in Order! by Dream Wise

Here's a Shortcut to getting your Physcial world in Order! by Dream Wise

Your Root Chakra represents your connection to the physical world. It is associated with your basic needs such as security and safety.
When this chakra is balanced, we feel grounded and have a sense of stability in life.
However, when it is imbalanced, we can feel anxious or disconnected from reality.
Your home might be in disarray because you haven’t let go and worked on your root chakra.

 To balance this chakra, one must focus on their breathing and practice meditation or yoga to reconnect with their inner self.
Taking care of your physical body and finding comfort through nature are also helpful methods for maintaining root chakra harmony.
When I was in a place of living paycheck to paycheck and hustle to hustle, I was always nervous and stressed out about my financial situation, so I was always on my grind.
My root chakra was out of balance because of all the traumas and fears of the world I developed from a  child. 
Once I let go and let God, doing my spiritual work, I was able to reprogram my subconscious mind about the belief system I had about my physical world, because my human emotions were out the way.
I would go to my local park and put my feet in the grass and just walk. My outfit for the time was red shirts, because I was gaining more energy in my root chakra. Strawberries and red apples were my snacks.
Balancing out your root chakra is spiritual work that must be done if you’re trying to move into a space of letting go of the world. When we say let go and let GOD
We’re meaning if your able to put your mental energy on your spiritual work, things we start to fall in place for you to be sitting on top of the world!
Dream Wise
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Nyjhia - January 10, 2023

2022 was a year of rebuild for me. I was forced to let go of my traumas and fears and was taken on a ride led by Spirit in order to truly transform and align myself with what the Divine has in store for me. I was at a crossroads and was given the opportunity to either choose a life based off the past or rebuild a new and redefine who it is I am through the lense of the Creator. I went through the process of developing and balancing my chakras and was able to experience mystical s**t that blew my mind. I am called again to rebalance, and this was right on time. Thank you.

Ty - January 10, 2023

This is on time for ya boi! I got a red candle on the way!

Carlean - January 10, 2023

Always working on this chakra! I’ve had a lot of unexpected life changes this past year that’s “thrown me off my rocker” a bit. I did spend some time in my garden yesterday which was very calming. Thanks!

WARRIOR GODDESS 13 - January 9, 2023

Thank yall so much for giving me the opportunity to purchase both lectures. I will binge with these videos until I get it right. I knew there was a reason why some people wear different colors. I am definitely learning my life purpose. Thank yall and love yall family. Peace 🖖

Sarah - January 9, 2023

Thank you for the article about the Root Chakra. I have been under so much stress

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