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Your Hearts Desire 💚💙💜🎯 How to Manifest in this Matrix 👀 by Dream Wise

Your Hearts Desire 💚💙💜🎯 How to Manifest in this Matrix 👀 by Dream Wise

The Heart Chakra is a huge key in Manifesting. When we say your Hearts Desire, were speaking of that which you are most passionate about in life. The Passion of Christ or the Heart Chakra. What are you passionate about?

Your heart chakra is that aspect of the infinite creative energy that lies within us, waiting to be unleashed. The Heart Chakra is often referred to as Bliss, Joy, Compassion, Love and Unity Consciousness. When the heart chakra is balanced, one typically has an expansive outlook or even a visionary outlook upon life in general, feeling at-one with all creation in existence.

What love is emitting from the heart? When we talk about letting your light shine or shining your light to the world, were speaking on expressing your heart’s desire to the world.

IF you notice the heart chakra has a triangle pointing down and a triangle pointing up. this is giving you the understanding that at the crossroads, you need the physical component and Spiritual component to manifest your heart’s desire. The balance of the masculine and the feminine.

In order to manifest from your heart chakra, you need a balanced heart chakra. You need a clean spiritual slate to really bring through your heart’s desires. The physical aspect of yourself and the spiritual aspect of your being must work in unison. It is very important that you understand this concept so you can hold a lot more light, which means higher vibrations and faster manifestation time for your dreams.

So how do we expand our Light?

What is holding you back in your life that you dwell on? What’s heavy on your Heart? Is there a situation that you haven't let go of? How much of your situation do you blame others?

When we talk about being pure of heart and letting go of external traumas and fears, were speaking on the Power of Forgiveness and the Strength in understanding that everything happening to you is your own doing. How do you Grow From where you’re at? Were you taught to just let things happen without taking responsibility for your own actions?

When we talk about being responsible, were talking about the fact that everything in life happens specifically for a reason. Why are you where you’re at right now? That’s a question you must ask yourself often while trying to manifest anything from the heart chakra.

The answer to that question is the reason why you’re stuck at this point in time.

If you are holding onto guilt or focused on what someone else did to make them self-feel better, how are you going to grow? You can’t! There’s no room for growth if all your doing is sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because of not being able to forgive.

Forget about the past and look towards where you want your life headed. Is there something that your passionate about that’s been left behind? What makes it difficult to take action on what's important to you?

When you can get clear on what’s holding your back, open up the heart chakra by meditating, and asking yourself to forgive yourself of whatever the situation might've been. see yourself as forgiving yourself and others and giving yourself a hug. Loving on yourself and truly moving into the space of Self Love.

Once you're clear of your worry and fear of the regret and remorse, you should feel Light. Light as a Feather. Remember Light is Information and in order to manifest down here, spirit is going to put you in positions to gain light. After you gain the light, you will then have to take action. MOVE. Remember the Physical is the upward triangle in the heart chakra. A lot of times, people think manifesting is hitting the jackpot or someone knocking on your door bringing you $100,000. Without you acknowledging that you are having a Human Physical experience, you won’t be able to accept the understanding that what you put in you get out.

I'm going to say it again. Without you acknowledging that you're on-planet Earth, in a Human body having human experiences, you just won’t get the manifestations without pushing towards the Physical inclinations.

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Jovona Smothers - April 30, 2022

This really gave me a clear inner standing. Some things was easy to detach and let go. I want to let this abandoned feeling go. I’m not the victim. Brother Dream Wise family what infant asked to be left behind.. That’s what I’m trying to let go and grow from. Peace family thank you for dropping gems 💯❤️😢

jaslynn - April 27, 2022

thank you!

Luminous E - April 23, 2022

This is so profound and right on time! 🙌🏽
It’s like you just simplified something that people make complex.
Much Gratitude! 🙏🏽🌌✨

Chris Dixon - April 23, 2022


marie - April 21, 2022

Thank You!!!!

R.A.M - April 13, 2022


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