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You are a Dreamer Dreaming Dreams (Haritaki and Dreaming) by Dream Wise

You are a Dreamer Dreaming Dreams (Haritaki and Dreaming) by Dream Wise

You are a Dreamer Dreaming Dreams.

We write, direct, and star in our own illusion we think it is reality.

I don’t know if you have noticed yet, but as the consciousness shifts collectively, some of us may be having the strangest of dreams lately. Truth be told, dream topics have always intrigued me ever since I was a child. They have always been, in a sense, complicated.

There is layer upon layer of abstraction, hallucinatory perception and alienation from reality. Unsurprisingly, my spiritual awakening had me asking important questions about life and the dreamworld.

What are dreams really?

There's probably a myriad of scientific theories about this. Read Freud and Jung for instance. Dreams and Spirituality However, as I dive deeper into my spiritual practices, I start to develop new ways of seeing my dreams and reality.

Just like shadow work, dreams are full of archetypes which is why I never interpreted them literally. The Chaos Family and I just had an amazing, eye opening build on archetypes! I see dreams as a representation of my hidden feelings, fears and traumas resurfacing, and how these feelings influence me and play out in my waking life. Yet there's more to it than what society has taught us.

I believe that:

🔮The subconscious mind communicates with us symbolically.

🔮Dreams are sacred portals used by our Spirit guides to channel their divine messages to us.

🔮Our mind is connected to other dimensions.

🔮Interpreting dreams is an opportunity to practice one's intuition. As someone who often dreams vividly, I know that in order to receive answers, the right questions must be asked.

💫What were my feelings during the dream?

💫What does this specific (person, animal, event) represent?

💫How do my dream feelings correlate to what I experience in real life?

Dreams and The Third Eye

My commitment to my daily rituals and mindfulness habits plays an important role in deciphering my dreams. Through balancing my energetic centers/chakras and meditation, I began to activate my Third Eye. This is innately ours. It allows us to see what the naked eye cannot perceive. The more I sit in silence and focus on nothing but my breath, the more I confirm that I am a divine infinite intelligence taking the shape of my dreams.

But the third eye isn't some simple mechanical switch we simply flip. It is a metaphor, a symbol, a facet of our overall psychic, spiritual, mental, and emotional construction. It is an anchor for certain thought patterns and forms of consciousness. So if I yearn to understand my dreams better and see beyond my physical eyes, I, first and foremost, have to take care of my body — my vessel. And what’s more healing and pranic of all energy in this world than nature itself?

A Dream Herb

Together with Mentalchemy, I bring you Dream Time Super Haritaki Supplements. This Ayurvedic herb called Haritaki is an amazing yogic brain food that positively supports our Pineal gland. We have alchemised it with the intention to cleanse the gland of toxins and open it to the realm of spirituality. Also known as a dream herb, Haritaki helps us to lucid dream and recall them. Natural, organic superfoods such as Haritaki, enables us to easily connect to our higher forms of self in the dreamland. These higher forms of ourselves have no limits as far as timelines, realities and constant infinite universes are concerned. This grants us the ability to lucid dream, astral project, and meditate like no other. Of course, you can take all of these with a grain of salt.

Remember, you are a dreamer dreaming dreams. By beginning to understand the meaning behind your existence and the nakedness of your soul, you also start to see that YOU are but the consciousness being aware of the dream.

And this awareness is a divine gift so that whatever arises in your infinite mind can be forgiven, accepted and finally released. Through our dreams, we heal. Through our dreams, we evolve.

Dream Wise

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