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The Spiritual Recession Proof Weapon - Ch 2 of my New Book Chaos!! by Dream Wise

The Spiritual Recession Proof Weapon - Ch 2 of my New Book Chaos!! by Dream Wise

When I was a Kid, we use to hoop on the basket cart from the local Grocery Store. Don't act like I was the Only one nigga...😁😁 We would actually believe that that basket cart hung up on our apartment gate rail was a basketball hoop. It would be my brother, my friends and I Really going hard on this stolen cart. lol Our minds would be PRESENT, HAPPY, and fully engulfed in the game. We weren’t worried about what we had or that our basketball was semi flat, we were plugged into and grateful for the NOW!

Fast Forward, some time went by and one day we all went outside and to our surprise the Grocery store Basket was gone. We go to our area in the Apartment, and we found a bigger surprise, A basketball Goal!! A few of the parents in the apartment got together and got us all a Basketball Goal! It wasn’t no slouch basketball goal either, this thing was an exclusive goal with a real size backboard!! Without us knowing we manifested a Real state of the art Basketball Goal that we end up playing on for years.

Fights, Laughter, Joy, that grocery cart basket brought us a love we didn’t recognize we had in ourselves. Lifetime friendships and bonds that Grew. The material didn't matter we had something greater that we still hold sacred to us all today! Them Moments. I talk to my millionaire best friend all the time and we always without a shadow of a doubt bring up those moments as if they just happened. WHY? Because we were so locked into the present and being happy that nothing else mattered.

Gratitude is a big thing when we’re talking about Manifesting. When you're truly grateful and appreciative of what you have NOW, it gives you a Present. The Present! When people lose appreciation for where they are or what they have right now, they tend to take it for granted. Like the Basketball Hoop that magically appeared in our apartment, we were never worried about getting a basketball hoop, our Imagination took us into believing we already had one. And to be honest we all agreed for some weird reason that the Grocery cart basket was better than the basketball hoop. Weird how that works out huh

Is the grass Greener on the other Side? 🤔

Now I'm not saying that you should, not strive for a greater more luxurious lifestyle, but when you're in the right space & mind frame, everything will tend to work for you. People with High Gratitude Levels can cancel anything out, carry anything out, because they are PRESENT and encapsulated in the NOW! This NOW effect is all you have. Let’s Look Why.

When you worry about the Future and Dwell in the past, well there are two low vibrational words in there, WORRY and DWELL. Your mind is an Instrument is a muscle and if you focus on the things that don't serve you, you will truly get the things that don't serve you. worry, fear, anxiousness. LET IT GO! You Know where your heart is at, so you must move in the heart frequency that you’re agreeing to. I've been in my low points as well as you have too, if not then you’re lying. When I was deep into the streets and all that, I didn’t know what Gratitude was. Trust me when I say it took a long time to understand this concept of being completely Grateful for everything going on around me today, it was a hard pill to swallow, but I gave in and started to realize I could die tomorrow and I’m sitting here worried about some money that’s not real.

Now a days it’s a different story, I'm surrounded by positivity and conscious influential people with a similar mindset as mine! We push each other up and we never want the next man down! I engulf myself with High vibrational information because it makes me feel good NOW!  That’s how it should always be. Our minds are powerful tools, and we must USE IT WISELY!!

The most important thing is that you're here now reading this which means that you can manifest anything right now, truly understand that this attitude of gratitude puts you in the Now and in the Now, is where the feeling good response should lay.

Our thoughts create a feeling, this feeling eventually becomes a vibration, and the vibration attracts what you want. Gratitude produces a frequency that allows your thoughts to manifest even faster! YOUR VIBRATION ATTRACTS WHAT YOU WANT!

Look at your present circumstances and figure out what makes you happy RIGHT NOW! YOUR VIBRATION ATTRACTS WHAT YOU WANT! If all else fails dwell into that visualization that excites you right now! You can always find an excuse as to why it’s not happening yet or whatever other reason, but what about looking at things from a different perspective? Look around at your health, kids, opportunities, etc. you've already been manifesting powerful things. Strive to be Truly Grateful and Happy every day, so you can be VIBRATING at a space where you attract your New Present.

I know this is long, but I’m in the Now. 😁😁 You ever notice when you’re feeling good and happy... things start happening to you that brings more of that same joy and bliss.

Be Grateful for everything that’s going on right now, don’t let the good times pass you by because your worried about a future that doesn’t exist. Ride on your Joy, Happiness, and Excitement. Remember your Future is the Present and its happening RIGHT NOW!

Dream Wise


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Ryan - June 15, 2022

This is powerful. Thank you, I needed this the most right now.

Joseph Lowe - June 15, 2022

Powerful message brudda!!

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