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The Power of Emotions: How They Can Shape Your Beliefs and Change Your Life

The Power of Emotions: How They Can Shape Your Beliefs and Change Your Life

As a personal trainer, I used to witness how emotions shape our beliefs and shape us into who we are.

One of my clients told me how she has nightmares at night and tosses and turns because her body and mind didn't feel good. I explained to her she simply has to tap into that feeling at night when she is worried or afraid to get EMOTIONALLY sick of being tired of being sick and tired! 

Whats actually happening!

Reprogramming her subconscious mind.

 We can all reprogram our subconscious minds and start living a fulfilling life.

Our subconscious mind is like a bank vault, and the only way to crack that code is through emotion.

When we’re emotional about something, we’re able to create lasting change.

Take setting goals or losing weight, for example. This is something that many people struggle with. They’re intellectually wanting to achieve it, but emotionally, they’re not there yet. They need to start getting emotional about it.

The only way to become emotional about something is to use our imagination to see ourselves experiencing the fear or experiencing the love. 

See, emotions work two ways! You can move your being with Fear and/or Love. 

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, take a page out of my former clients book and see if FEAR will drive energy to start reprogramming your subconscious mind. 

Here's a Quote: 

Everything YOU want is on the otherside of FEAR

Remember, Its all ENERGY! 

Dream Wise 

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Morris - April 23, 2023

Peace and well-being so check this out Homie first of all I want to thank you so much for being you Dawg and being a new platform for me, and for us, second of all, I wanted to tell you that I’m going through the phase of what brother panic said in one of his lectures, faking it until you make it which basically means a lot of things I don’t have, but I’m utilizing something and it’s essence or it’s physical essence and I am knowing that it is there in spirit and I’m treating it as it is such this has made things that I need come to me and it’s actual form one specific thing I can say is vegetables the last time I went vegan I didn’t do it right this time. I literally fuck my will to eat sometimes and in place of some things I would use less than I have one fruit a bag of frozen strawberries, and some old vegan protein I eat that for five days three -4 times a day and worked out with the absolute bare minimum of weights and equipment … I put AK-47 bullets outside around me and everything that I work out with is iron. And I thanked ogun for allowing me to feel pleasure and thankfulness for what had and as a gift to him I build on that for that week next week no lie we get a pantry from the church and everything that I needed was in the pantry. And ever since my kitchen has been flooded with vegetables now, some maybe GMO some I get you could tell that it’s growing in the garden and God has blessed me with opportunity to go and get a lot of alkaline stuff but when I tell you that I’ve started to gain weight back, and I have not spent a dollar in the store other than switching out essentials like salt. Teas mushroom powder fresh fruit MCT oil, Maca etc … the last thing I wanted to tell you is a lot of my spiritual connection has oddly been coming in the daytime. Specifically, one I wanted to share is the south west portion of the sky draws my attention into a trance as if I’m downloading information. If I look through the clouds, it’s just a tunnel vision. If I look into the blue, I see speckles of light coming from the blue sky, and I am drawn to the south west portion of the sky…. I’m about to look it up right now probably gonna pay you for a consultation soon but I definitely wanted to get into the essence and do some work myself and some research and some attainment of knowledge before I got up with you so that we can really figure some shit out. Rise God 💪🏾👁️👀🫵🏾 excuse me for any typos, I’m using voice to text #loveHomie

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