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The Matrix: Understanding the Illusion and Finding Free Dome 👑

The Matrix: Understanding the Illusion and Finding Free Dome 👑

Have you ever considered the idea that there may be MORE TO LIFE than the constructs we've been taught to believe in?

The matrix is an intangible entity that surrounds and connects everything in its network of ideas forming relationships. It's a neutral divine intelligence that is simply a tool which can be used by us to learn something new.

However, the glamour is built upon the matrix and is an opiate for the masses. It keeps us in a dream state, while our natural talents and abilities lay dormant.

But what exactly is the glamour?

It's an illusionary web that makes us feel like we have to be something or strive to live like a rock star. It's a world of make-believe where we can be anyone we want to be, as long as it's within the confines of what's acceptable and popular.

It reminds us that we have to go to school, pay taxes, have a job, get a driver's license, pay car insurance, watch a football game every Sunday, and say, "that's my team." 👀

The internet is called the world wide web because it ensnares us in a web of collective information that tells us what to think, feel, and how to behave.

It's a global network of information that imposes social norms and expectations upon us. We've been hypnotized by commercials and other media that reinforce these beliefs. The unconscious collective database is misinforming our minds.

Understandably, you may be wondering how you can break free from this illusionary web. The key to finding freedom is UNDERSTANDING SELF!

Sometimes it means letting go of certain people, things, or ideas to allow yourself to clear your mind and see things in a new light.

It's vital to recognize that YOU ARE NOT THE GLAMOUR. You can choose to go beyond the veil and figure out what the matrix is hiding, and what's really going on.

The matrix is a neutral entity, and it's up to each individual to decide how they want to use it.

Understanding the matrix, accepting it, and being able to navigate it is essential.

In this sense, the matrix is LIKE A TOOL that we can use to learn. For each journey through the matrix, we learn something new as a soul being traveling through the great buy and buy.

 The matrix is more significant than just an idea or thought form, as it encloses everything in its network of ideas, forming relationships among relationships and being trapped in a box.

 By understanding oneself and the matrix, we can break free from the illusionary web and find what's beyond the veil.

Dream Wise 

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