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Mental Alchemy Subconscious Mind is Spirit by Dream Wise

Mental Alchemy Subconscious Mind is Spirit by Dream Wise

Subconscious Mind is Spirit


What does your subconscious mind mean? Where is your subconscious mind at?

Think of your subconscious mind as spirit. Your spirit gives you energy and allows you to move, create and adjust in this world. Where would your subconscious mind be? Think about all your life you’ve been having this feeling, this knowing, that tells you to move like this or something is not quite right. Take a holistic look at your adventures down here. That time you knew you was supposed to leave the party sooner, what about that time you were talking to that creepy guy and knew to walk out that thing. When were dealing with our Spirit, subconscious mind, were moving with our hearts and moving from a different place than logic.

 When we’re speaking on the Heart Chakra, we are talking about a holistic joining of the physical and spiritual energy bodies we possess. It doesn’t matter if it’s the lower and upper foundational energy; it’s all about the physical and spiritual conjoining and manifesting something down here on this earth realm. Whether it be a newfound energy, a home, an understanding, the heart chakra is the home of your power and how you can hack into the matrix. The bottom Chakras represent your safety and self-esteem, anything that affects your earthly being. The upper chakras are a representation of your creativity, spiritual expressions, and dreams. The problem lies when we have been inundated with others programming to think a certain way and move with other people’s ideologies.  


When you talk about the heart, it’s important to remember that you’re heart chakra is an intelligence and can be programmed to move in accordance with anything you would like to serve you.


What does this all mean? It’s about moving in tandem with the heart and loving yourself to get to the “heart” of the matter. It’s doing what you feel good within you, and this is about getting into a space of doing you and nobody else. When you listen to your heart, you’ll go more places and that is the key to spirit.


When you allow your spirit to move you, in spirit, inspiration, you are now moving with your heart. You don’t allow outside ideologies to change the foundation of who you are. You move with the wind, using a whole other way to think about people, places, and things. You manipulate everything to match what you want out of it; the Magickal Mindset.


This is what the magickal mindset is. It all comes down to spiritual work and energy alignment. The more energy you put in, the more you get out of it. It’s all about cause and effect and understanding this universal principle to the core.  No matter the cause, there will be an effect and vice versa based on the law. Nothing escapes the law. 


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