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Listen To Yourself; Ignore the Outside influence by Dream Wise

Listen To Yourself; Ignore the Outside influence by Dream Wise

Listen To Yourself; Ignore the Outside influence 

 Outside Influence is just that, Influence. People always want you to fit into their agenda or an agenda for that matter. they persuade you and peer pressure you to fit into something they deem as safe and secure. They want you to stay stagnate and fearful of the world and what they feel is good for your life. You Know by now that you have had many situations come up in your life and you had to make a decision that aligned with you. 

Forget about what people think about a situation or circumstance. How can you make the Situation work in your favor? You are the only one that matters. How are you seeing things? Are you viewing it from the opinions of another or are you viewing it from your magickal lens.

There’s no reason to feel like you must do a physical feat to change your circumstance. You make it mental, magickal mindset, and you make it your own. Your mind, Imagination, will create the item, situation, circumstance to work out in your favor, if you give it permission to. 

In this journey we call life you will be given an array of examples that will challenge your own inner conversations. These situation-ships will make or break you and depending on how strong minded you are, you will move in the trajectory of truth. You are conscious. You clearly understand what is being expressed and the way to see your world, but again you must abide by your truth and live in your truth to live in a space of love for self.

 Living in your truth is vibrating from the heart chakra and above. It’s about having that magickal mindset 24/7. To move with that childlike spirit that makes you appreciate your self. This is not about 1+1 = 2, or you are paying your bills on time. This is about 1+1 = 3 and the 3 is the formulation of the baby. Father, Mother, Child. This is about you are looking at things through you’re magickal lens and seeing the world this way all the time. When somebody gives you a definition and a meaning of something, what meaning did you give it? 


You’re constantly creating in this matrix and it’s up to you to stay in alignment with your Spirit. Moving with Spirit enlivens your being and gives you a sense of excitement and adventure. That little voice that’s constantly communicating with you is not a stranger. That’s you and that’s you being honest with you. Run with it. 


You don’t have to prove God, just be God. If you say your God, does that make you the creator of all things? YES!! If you’re the creator of all things, then create from your truth and leave everybody else’s truth to them. Your own mind is God. You can ignore what other people think about you and fit into the mold you create for yourself. The key is to make up your own definition for anything and everything and that’s when you truly are tapped into the magickal mindset.  

 Dream Wise


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Tayshaun Silk - June 20, 2022

Eye appreciate you fam for the insights and the supplements, A’ho (Thank You)

KEL R - January 3, 2022

Great grand rising family, thank you for the encouraging message/reminder. I’ve been loving the synchronicities of the #3, and now here’s another one in ur message. I appreciate ur guidance, thx again fam🙏🏽💚

Carmen Lopez - January 2, 2022


Nicole Woods - December 31, 2021

This was my inner dialogue at this very moment. I appreciate the confirmation through this blog. Asé

Devon Devi N. Welter - December 31, 2021

Really feeling this article Dream. Reminds me of when we awake from our sleep at night, and upon waking sometimes have to shut out the influences/impressions of the content we just dreamt about. Very subtle, but we Know when it’s an outside influence trying to push an Idea on us in our restful state. Thanks family, always Forward, blessings & love, peaceee!

JcX13 - December 31, 2021

Appreciate your great work👍

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