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Heart Strings 💚💙💜 Whats Pulling on Yours? by Dream Wise

Heart Strings 💚💙💜 Whats Pulling on Yours? by Dream Wise

The Disconnection (separation) of ourselves with our Higher Self because were totally engrossed in in the patterns of conditioning and more specifically regarding the unreal as real and the real as unreal is the illusionary tricks of earth. The Ego keeps you safe secure and just getting by in this reality.

When you move with your heart you are moving with spirit and spirit always knows. The Ego always knows the easy way out. What is real to us becomes ours, what is unreal will be put behind us. That is the nature of this world. So, what is real to you? What is real honestly?

What is real to me is what has been here all along. We are not separated from the spirit only the egotistical illusion of this world tricks us into believing we are separate. The spiritual reality is unbroken and intact its just our belief in it that has gotten distorted by the illusory physical world around us, this renders us completely lost in the manusha of the matrix.

When leading with your heart you want to establish your hearts desires. Be honest with yourself. When moving with your heart, you’re moving with your spirit. Your heart will lead you to what’s right for you. It is not about what you logically see what might happen. It is about you being courageous and going with that aspect of you that KNOWS. Now I'm not saying throw logic out the window, but what I am saying is SET UP YOUR HEARTS DESIRES!

Are You a Seeker of True Freedom?

You can feel frustrated, tense, angry and exhausted because of the current state of the matrix around us all. We are struggling to find a way out, but we have never known where exactly to look. Look within yourself! Ask yourself these tough questions. What is asking yourself these tough questions? WHAT DO YOU WANT? What do you want MOST of all? What is it that you are truly seeking for?

What makes your heart sing and come alive with passion? This is where true freedom begins. We can't expect to find freedom if we don't know what freedom means to us personally, not some fluffy idea of what freedom might be like on an intellectual level, but what does it mean in YOUR life. Do you really acknowledge what moves YOU inside, moves YOUR heart strings. We live our lives on autopilot mindlessly following the matrix hivemind trance - any aspect of your life that you say, "Oh I'm just doing this because everyone else is" or "this is just the way things are", this immersion into the routines of society has created people to be zombies!

Make an effort this 2022 to enliven your heart! If your still confused do some Heart chakra work. Try and make some time to ponder upon your life, try and get in touch with what you feel inside. Don't let the matrix mind control take over your heart strings! It is up to us not them, who will set our hearts free?

The path of freedom is a lonely road, it is a path that needs no others but yourself standing strong on that dirt track. Know thyself - know where true freedom lies within your being! You are free to walk on this path alone if need be. But know you have support from the chaos family so don't ever feel isolated even when you dive deep inside yourselves looking for truth.

Dream Wise

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Ainá - May 31, 2022


Marie - May 30, 2022

Thank You, that subject has been on my mind for quite some time, I am working on

Chris Dixon - May 30, 2022

Peace brother, thanks for these jewels!

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