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Grand Rising vs Good Morning by Dream Wise

Grand Rising vs Good Morning by Dream Wise


Do you say Good Morning or Grand Rising? Hearing the person’s response to this question is always interesting to me because it gives me a glimpse of the individual’s lifestyle, perspective and level of thought.

I guess it reminds me of how everyone is trying to acknowledge one another with a communication mechanism that says, I see you.  I guess it’s a way for us to show up in this busy world and say hello in the rising.

As for me, I guess I consider myself a Grand Rising Sayer. I'm an early bird and wake up at either at 4am or 5am every rising to jump start my day.

There’s just something magickal about a silent house before the break of dawn. I love hearing my thoughts with complete clarity and certainty. I get into my flow and go into my Meditation room and get to work. 

Then Next, I’m probably bombarded with my kids waking up and tackling me in my office. Straight wet pull ups and crust in their eyes! I laugh and all I can say is "GRAND RISING"!

Speaking of grand rising, to those who are not familiar with this greeting, it’s simply a unique phrase of wishing another a powerful day.

 During sleep, our spirit gets to leave the body and travels into different realms. The Astral realms. We call it dreaming. Many people believe that it’s why we feel tired upon waking up even after a great night of sleep. 

When we say Grand Rising, we are putting emphasis on understanding that while you're here in the matrix, let’s make the best of it and understand the power of positive uplifting words spoken into your being.  

Additionally, the word morning sounds like mourning so saying good morning is the same as telling the other person that, “I’m glad you’re walking dead. 

mourning means the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died. We know as conscious beings that death or dead is an idiom meaning mind controlled, zombies or unconscious. 

As for Grand Rising, it invites this sense of aliveness, beautiful energy, and positivity into one’s spirit. The word “grand” alone means that something huge is at play and there’s a whole day to look forward to.

Imagine sleeping and traveling to some faraway land that only your spirit can access. The simple fact that our spirit returns is telling us that we have more work to do on this earth realm. So, you waking up is already Grand because it’s the very thing you choose to do as a chaos being. You are choosing to be down here in this earth realm, and you are here to learn a lesson that will impact your soul.

Grand Rising is basically saying that waking up is already an achievement but knowing that you have each day to walk your path, find your purpose, love, and heal is another enormous gift.

I get it we all want to leave earth and never come back. Cool! But for the mere fact that you do keep coming back is saying you have a lesson to understand in this realm and it’s up to you to figure it out or you’re going to really be coming back, reincarceration style. 

With the rising of the sun is the limitless possibilities and endless potentials for us. You’re not just getting out of bed; you’re given another chance to journey consciously and live intentionally in the moment. You’re having your heru’s Journey and embarking on your battle within. A lot of us are afraid of the work. For the mere fact that you do have to do work is why your down here.

Using the phrase “grand rising” to greet another chaos being is a great way to let the person know that “I see you God or Goddess and I’m glad to walk this Earth with you today and figure out this jigsaw puzzle we call life”. “I hope your day will be filled with light and beautiful energies because you deserve it!”

Wherever you’re at in your journey right now, remember that there’s still so many things to experience, lovely souls to meet, new knowledge to learn and old patterns to unlearn. These are all possible for you. All you have to do is Rise!

Dream Wise


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