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11 11 What You need to Know about Nov. 11th this year by Dream Wise

11 11 What You need to Know about Nov. 11th this year by Dream Wise

There’s a reason why Veterans Day is 11 11, because the implication of the fighters is on. Instead of Fighting for your country this Spiritual Day is about The Celebration for Fighting for Yourself.


The number 11 is a Master Number. In Numerology, the number 11 represents intuition, insight, and enlightenment. When you see the number 11, it's a reminder to stay spiritually connected to your higher purpose.


On this Spiritual day of November 11, lets us not forget our true purpose which is through enlightenment. To be one with ourselves and our surroundings. As we understand that this journey is a constant fight, Heru and Set, a Battle for your enlightenment.

 We are all veterans in the fight for our own consciousness. So, take a break from the material world and reconnect with your Spiritual side. Remember this life is just a blink in the eye compared to how many times you've been on this ride.


Understanding and falling in love with death or the unseen world is vital on your growth and expansion in this lifetime.


Death is not a final and the Matrix will keep you thinking that this earth realm is the best you got.


Remember, November 11 is a day to acknowledge our spiritual connection with the divine. It's a time to connect with our higher selves and experience inner peace and serenity. Pay real close attention to your dreams in this month as we get Closer to the Winter Solstice.


The Winter Solstice or Winter is when you want to get in your bag and hibernate. Get heavy into your Subconscious Mind work, so when the New Year comes, the Spring Equinox, your work and energy will bloom.


This Spiritual day provides an opportunity to reflect on the past year and set Spiritual goals for the New Year. Take some time out for yourself on November 11 before you go watch Black Panther and allow yourself to be at peace with who you are divinely.


Dream Wise


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