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⚠️Tough Times... Understand this Key Component 💪🏿 by Dream Wise

⚠️Tough Times... Understand this Key Component 💪🏿 by Dream Wise

What if your higher self has a plan for you?
We are often in a rush to seeing ourselves as the vision desired. When I finally accepted the idea of polarity in my mind, I understood that this world was constantly giving and taking. Once you defeat one problem, another problem will arise. Trust me. The never-ending story. You came down here to experience and you are constantly on the heru’s journey! Let’s look at the hero’s journey story line.
The hero’s journey is a common thread in many narratives, myths, and stories. It is one of the most common archetypes in literature.
The story begins when we are faced with a problem or crisis, and we call out for help and guidance to get us through it. This routine propels our energy into action and eventually releases the problem (Victory Mode). We see this in every story such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Matrix etc.
You will notice that these characters go through tough times and then come out victorious. The more intense the trial, the bigger the revelation! Once they are victorious, something new is revealed to them.
It’s not about these characters, these characters are a representation of you. It’s about our own journey. We must start looking at these movies, stories, tv shows etc. as a subconscious underlying message for ourselves. These story line represents all of our experiences on the Earth realm and how we get through tough times. Each time you face a situation trust that your higher self will guide you to where you need to be at that particular moment so you can succeed.
Let’s face it, no one wants to see themselves as a failure in any sense of the word. So, when we feel lost or alone in times of hardship or trouble, guess what, we planned this out to learn something new. This learning something new is the adventure and the more you embrace it, with confidence and strength, the more you will see that the quote unquote enemy was you all along. (message)
These ah ha moments are the biggest keys to life and the more you accept the journey, the more you understand self. Take the challenge on and know that the Heru is in you!
Dream Wise
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Wendell Williams - March 21, 2022

I appreciate the knowledge my brother, and keep letting us know who we really are.

Ameer Galloway - March 21, 2022

🥂👏🏾🗣salutes Baba Gud🤴🏿really appreciate the great work the chaos tribe puts in may the source & ancestors continue 🥰ing protecting & blessing U & fam giving tAnkhs🧘🏿‍♂️❤️🙏🏿Ase’ooo🌞🌙✨⚖️ If there’s any affiliate opportunities in the coming future let me know👁

MetaNetta - March 21, 2022

Tough, I was just explaining a sit w/my cuzzo using the word tough, This message was 4 me & im going to read it everyday 2 remind self to trust my higher self. In the words of Pac! U are appreciated..

Jazoe - March 21, 2022

Often times this journey also includes us connecting with our soul tribe so that we can continue to remind each one of things forgotten!!!!
We tend to complicate this journey once we have exposed the universe to these life questions. Sometimes I forget that I took the back seat for a reason. I allowed my soul to chauffeur me so that I can put in work leisurely!!!


Thank you once again!!!!

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