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Sweet Dreams Herbal Dream Smoke or Tea (PRE-SALE)

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Dive into the depths of your dreams with our specially crafted Herbal Sweet Dreams magic, designed to enrich your dream state and unlock the mysteries of lucid dreaming. Our blend is an artful combination of organic herbs, each selected for their unique properties that synergize to guide you into a more vivid and controllable dream experience.

*Limit 3 per Customer

Key Ingredients:

  • Organic Chamomile Flowers: Known for its calming effects, chamomile prepares your mind for peaceful dream exploration.
  • Organic Skullcap: Aids in relaxation and stress relief, setting the stage for deeper dream states.
  • Organic Peppermint Leaf: Refreshes the mind and stimulates clear dreaming.
  • Organic Mugwort: Traditionally used for its dream-enhancing qualities, mugwort is the cornerstone of our blend, acting as a bridge to lucid dreaming.
  • Organic Damiana Leaf: Enhances dream clarity and emotional richness.
  • Organic Indian Green Tea: Provides a gentle, uplifting energy to support vividness and recall in dreams.

Exclusive Proprietary Blend:

To ensure your dream exploration reaches its fullest potential, we've also included an exclusive blend of hand-selected herbs, kept secret to preserve the magic of your experience. This special combination works harmoniously with the key ingredients to deepen your dream states and enhance your ability to control and remember your dreams.

Experience the Magic:

Our All-Natural Sweet Dreams Herbal Dream Smoke is crafted with care and intention, using only the finest organic ingredients. Whether you are a seasoned lucid dreamer or new to the realm of conscious dreaming, our blend offers a unique pathway to explore the untapped potentials of your subconscious mind. Simply allow the gentle smoke to envelop you as you drift off to sleep, and prepare to embark on a journey of dream discovery.

How to Use:

For best results, enjoy our Herbal Dream Smoke in a calm and comfortable setting as part of your nighttime routine. Use in moderation, and let the natural properties of the herbs guide you gently into sleep and dream exploration.

Can also be used as a tea. Steep one teaspoon of our Herbal Dream Smoke blend in boiling water for 5 to 7 minutes to unleash its potent dream-enhancing properties. Enjoy this calming, aromatic tea as part of your bedtime ritual to set the stage for vivid, lucid dreaming.

Explore the depths of your subconscious and the heights of your imagination. Embrace the night with our All-Natural Herbal Dream Smoke and unlock the door to a world of vivid dreams and boundless exploration.