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Free Shipping when you Spend Over $60
Free Shipping when you Spend Over $60

About Mentalchemy® Inc

Mental Alchemy is the art and science of understanding what happens in our minds. It is a simplified explanation of social dynamics. It is an auspicious step-by-step process of analyzing our dynamic nature, then changing the way we think to bring about life change for ourselves and others. It provides the ability to act, to communicate, to collaborate, as well as resolve personal conflict and build strong relationships with self and others.

This shop will Provide you with Spiritual Tools to tap into your Subconscious Mind and Change your Energy, Vibration, Mindset, Physical Manifestations and more.

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Are you looking to tap into the unseen world? Are you someone who wants a little assistance while doing the work?

The invisible is all around us and it’s in everything that makes us us. To tap into the unseen world, we must do the spiritual work. Meditation, astral traveling, dream recall, affirmations and ancestor veneration are tools for tapping into your internal guidance light! These are just a few of the many spiritual works available to help you on your journey and create the lifestyle you desire.

Mental Alchemy is the key! The transmutation of the mind will help you tap into the unseen world and get guidance from within for your life. All you need is a little bit of practice and some tools!

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