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Why you are constantly Waking Up at 2am-3am? The Witching Hours 😈 by Dream Wise

Why you are constantly Waking Up at 2am-3am? The Witching Hours 😈 by Dream Wise

Why you wake up at 2-3 in the morning?


The Witching Hours is a magical time where you can connect with your spirit guides, explore new ideas and find enlightenment.


Most people are asleep during this hour which makes it an ideal opportunity for self-reflection while tapping into the power of meditation or simply taking time to listen more intently than usual so that all aspects of our lives may be heard through these quiet moments.


Spirit is also communicating to you intensely during this time because of the thinning of Unconscious thought forms in your radius.


The hours between 2am and 3am are known as the spirit hour, and it's said that our guides or higher self can reach us more easily during this time.

 If you find yourself tossing and turning during this hour, it may be worth taking some time to meditate or simply laying or sitting in silence and observing your thoughts. You may be surprised at the clarity that comes through during these still moments.


 If you find yourself regularly waking up during the witching hours, it may be worth keeping a journal so that you can document any insights or messages that come through during this time.


I write down all the significant messages that come to me during this time and to my surprise they always come into alignment during the day.


You may also want to explore some of the reasons why this occurs so that you can work on clearing any energetic blocks that may be preventing you from accessing your full spiritual potential during the struggles of the day.


Either way, remember that the witching hours are a special time where you can connect with your intuition and Spirit on a deeper level. Embrace these moments and see what messages comes to you.


Dream Wise


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Alx - September 13, 2022

What about 4/5am ?

Nasire Bey - September 9, 2022

Thank you for this conformation. I usually wakeup every night during these hours and go right back to sleep. When I go back to sleep, I normally have a profound experience. I will take a pause next time and tap in to see what is revealed.

Designer Of Journeys - September 8, 2022

Timely message. I’ve been waking up consistently during those hours to use the bathroom or get some water.

Cheryl Simmons - September 8, 2022

Nice to get knowledge that can be helpful
as I “we” move to a state of mind, wanting

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