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Pineal Gland Stimulation Exercise for Recieving your Spiritual Messages by Dream Wise

Pineal Gland Stimulation Exercise for Recieving your Spiritual Messages by Dream Wise

Many people hit me in the DMs and emails asking me how I see things that’s not as clear to them as it is to me.




Your pineal gland is a Spiritual antenna. It's how you receive guidance, insights and Divine messages. When your Spiritual connection is strong, you'll find that your intuition is sharp and you're able to tap into a higher level of consciousness.


Pineal activation opens you up to a whole new realm of possibilities. You'll be able to connect with your Higher Self easier, receive insights about your life path, be intune and aligned with your ancestors and access Higher levels of consciousness that will guide you through this Matrix.

There are many things you can do that will stimulate your Pineal Gland

  • First Eye Meditation
  • Drinking large amounts of water Daily 
  • Sungazing
  • Kundalini yoga 
  • Essential oils 
  • Supplements

The main weapon you have at your arsenal is Exercising it. Along with the continuous taking of Haritaki supplements you can Stimulate your pineal gland through particular mental exercises.

 Definitely check out the First Eye Supplements that I offer, to move you into a more intuitive process and stimulating your Pineal Gland! 


Here is a Pineal Gland Stimulation Exercise for spiritual growth:


  1. eyes open, focus on the third eye point (between the eyebrows), place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and speak out the Om Sound! OOOOOMMMMMMMM! Do this for two minutes.

(You should feel your Pineal buzzing after a while)

  1. eyes closed, visualize a small bright sun or light at the third eye point.
  2. eyes still closed, begin to recite the mantra again Om, and with each recitation, imagine the light growing brighter and brighter until it becomes blindingly brilliant.
  3. continue for a few minutes, then return to normal breathing and simply relax with eyes closed for a minute or two before opening them.


Congrats family this Pineal Gland Stimulation will help you in aligning with your spiritual messages and the unseen world! Do this exercise daily until you feel confident to move to doing it weekly, until you feel confident in moving to monthly.

 You will notice a difference on how you perceive things and spirit coming to you. Life will become more magical.Tap in! 

Dream Wise 


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Mars Champion - November 8, 2022

Preciate that link. Shouts to the Purple signal. That Om be thumping, and holding that sound out has my signal up and running.

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