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How to move from an Information junkie to a Chaos Being 💫

How to move from an Information junkie to a Chaos Being 💫

In the realm of consciousness, mind control and dark psychology are intriguing topics that have held sway over many conscious people's interests. Books on these subjects, such as "The Silva Mind Control Method" and "Mind Control:101, The Complete Guide to Dark Psychology Secrets, NLP, the Art of Manipulation and Persuasion," offer profound insights into the workings of the human mind.

However, what's truly powerful is when we move beyond these concepts and step into the realm of elevated emotions and high vibrations. It's about shifting from a state of survival, where ego tries to control or force an outcome, to a state of creation, where you feel so uplifted that you no longer need to analyze how or when your chosen destiny will arrive.

in the patreon we delve deep into this elevated state of being. We talk about living in this heightened emotion of creation, where you feel so lifted that the specifics of your desired outcomes become less important than the feeling itself. You trust in a future you can't yet see because you've already experienced it in mind and body, thought and feeling.

This connection to something greater brings about a state of gratitude. It's about knowing that your desired outcome has already occurred in a space beyond time and place. This knowingness allows you to relax into the present, breaking free from the shackles of survival.

Such a state of being dismantles the old self and you become a new. As you observe ego and the world around you, the physical evidence of your old personality changes, and the old you disappears.

At the heart of this transformation is gratitude. Living in the moment, not worried about the future or dwelling on the past, but being right here, right now. When you let go, the world collapses into the reality you wish to see, offering a new perspective on life.

So in the patreon community whether we're talking about mind control or high vibrations, the ultimate goal is the same: to understand ourselves better and to leverage this understanding to create a life that aligns with our true selves.

Dream Wise 

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