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Finding Purpose in a Lost World 💪🏿💯🎯 by Dream Wise

Finding Purpose in a Lost World 💪🏿💯🎯 by Dream Wise

Something strange and peculiar about your purpose makes it a mystery. What if I was to tell you, you are in your purpose? When we think about purpose, we think about doing something so great that it will make an impact on the world. But what if your purpose was to do something so small that only you would know the impact that it has made? 

What if your purpose is to be obedient? What if your purpose is to love unconditionally? What if your purpose is to be a good friend? What if your purpose is to be a good son or daughter? What if your purpose is to work hard? What if your purpose is to be kind? All these things may seem small, but they are all important pieces of the puzzle that make up our lives. And, when we are in our purpose, we are living in alignment with who we truly are. We are living in alignment with our true nature.

In my younger teenage years, I used to study basketball players. All day every day, I had a binder full of basketball players' stats. I would have hundreds of printouts of these player profiles and read them feverishly! Slam Magazine was my bible, and I was in a trance of studying what made these players great.

By age 16, I was studying NLP, what made people tick and how to influence others. My impressionable mind was curious about my thought processes and how I appeared to others.

In college, I changed my degree to Psychology and Sociology because I was curious about why people viewed me as dangerous and hard. Yes, appearance was a big play on things. I was a 6'4 dark-skinned, muscle-bound dread head, but I was someone that liked to laugh and smile, not beat you up.

Yearning and searching for an understanding of Self, I realized that I was a deep thinker and highly introspective. Too deep of a thinker of Self. So deep that when I was 18, listening to Bobby, I would take his guidance to heart on how this is just an illusion and none of it matters.

With the none of it matters approach, I would get as high as possible, abusing drugs and alcohol to see how far I could go to the other side. "THE WORLD IS GONNA END!" said every conscious leader in 2012. When it didn't end, I was lost and confused and would wake up in the Matrix full of rage.

I had to take a deep introspective look within. I had to step back, view myself as a soul having a human experience, and let the overthinking ego, Virgo, analytical apparatus go. Yes, the world didn't end in 2012, but my new world began. I had to get honest with myself and who I was.

It still took me some years to fight off that old way of thinking, but when I discovered my purpose was the love for reading, thinking, and mental stimulation, I began to fall in love with my unique divine self and not feel weird about it and judge myself.

I began to do the thing I loved to do most, which was talk about the mind. I enjoyed the aspect of mental stimulation through conversation, reading, and the work. I loved it so much that as a personal trainer, I would speak on the power of the mind with my clients and how they could overcome their limiting beliefs using the mind.

As a P.E. teacher, I would love to speak to the kids in their own unique manner to get them to understand it starts in the mind first. I would have 70 kids in a gym meditating for their warmups.

Sometimes we're searching for purpose and substance in life, and the very thing that might kill us is the very thing that makes us alive. So, if you have been feeling lost or confused about your purpose, know it is okay. Your purpose is right under your nose. It is the thing that you love to do most. It is the thing that makes you feel alive. And, when you find it, go after it with everything that you have got. Live your life in alignment with your purpose and watch as the magic unfolds.

Some of you might not be in alignment with your purpose. You may be confused because you’re chasing some outside glorification.

The things the world tells you will make you happy and give your life purpose (money, possessions, fame, etc.) will never fulfill you. They are temporary Band-Aids that will only cover up the real issue.

The only way to find true fulfillment is to connect with your purpose. The only way to connect with your purpose is to still and quiet yourself and listen to what your heart is saying. Your heart knows the way. Trust it. Follow it. And watch as your life unfolds in ways that you never could have imagined. 


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