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Do You Really have a Magickal Mindset? 🤔 Dream Wise

Do You Really have a Magickal Mindset? 🤔 Dream Wise

The key behind a magickal mindset is to understand what mental alchemy is. Mentalchemy is the science of realizing what is going on in your mind or a basic thought to social dynamics.

It’s a step-by-step process that studies a person’s self-motivated nature and changes how you think. If there is to be a creative life, there needs to be a change in the way you see the world.

It’s all about your belief system – to move as a God and going with God Power you must develop a magickal mindset.

There is no reason to conform to any set rules; you set your own Rules.This is your Play. YOU SET THE STAGE! 

Thinking this way should move something in you, as you know and understand what’s best for YOU. With just the understanding alone of a magickal mindset, you can begin going with you’re spirit as you move through out this matrix.

Your subconscious mind is the driving force, and your imagination is the fuel to the potential you have in this land.

Meditation, rituals, mantras, affirming power, Invoking Deities, Sigils, Gematria, crystals and the many many spiritual modalities that’s at your fingertips.

For your mindset to change, you need to open yourself up to the possibilities of how far your mind can go.

Expand the reach and Scoop of how this world keeps you locked into a system and break out of the limiting belief system that you've been trained! 

You want to dismiss everything you thought you knew and be willing to accept the new codes for your life.

The Codes YOU put in! 

Dream Wise 

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Shekinah - September 22, 2022

Indeed. Thanks.

Cquinte ChiKar Miles - September 13, 2022

Will take heed to this, Thanks.

Joann Reeves - September 12, 2022

Peace, Dreamwise

I think and solely believe in this message..

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