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The Sacrament of Sacred Love (6 Week Course)

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Are you looking to find and maintain the purest, most divine form of love and partnership?

The Sacrament of Sacred Love is your guide to manifesting and sustaining the beautiful energy of spiritual union.

This live 6 week course offers spiritual activations for unlocking all the potential that exists within these sacred connections.

With it, you will gain clarity on how best to draw in what you’re looking for - whether that be the relationship of your dreams, reinvigorating your current relationship or deeper fulfillment within yourself.

The Sacrament of Sacred Love serves as your guide in understanding how real spiritual love operates and how to properly nurture such a powerful connection.

This course will teach you the spiritual path and practice of the divine energy of true love so you may tap into your very essence and attract your soulmate.

The Sacrament of Sacred Love will transform your limiting beliefs surronding love, support your healing from past toxic relationships, give you step by step guidance to manifest the relationship your heart desires. 

The Sacrament of Sacred Love Bonuses


Live 1:1 Reading & Consultation for Love & Relationships:  A personal spiritually activated live 20 minute reading with Desire DRA Wise, to access the unconscious mind, Akashic records, ancestors and spirit guides for insight on your relationship past, what you need to heal, and your specifc best appraoch to partnership.

Manifesting Love: A 7 Step Guide to Creating The Relationship of Your Dreams:  No person is perfect but you can manifest the person who is perfect for you. In this PDF guide, I give all the details on how I manifested the love of my life, Dream Wise in easy practical steps that you can do too!

Harnessing the Power of Positive Thinking to Manifest Love Audio Suggestion: Your subconscious mind must be programmed for spiritual love and partnership. This audio suggestion will bypass the part of your mind that still has limiting beliefs surronding love and relationships so that you are open to receiving the love you desire. 

Relationship Alchemy: The Spiritual Dimension of Relationships (1 Hour Course): Learn the difference between a Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Kindred Spirit & Karmic Relationship so that you can healthily navigate current relationship dynamics from a spiritual perspective.