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Gold has always been seen as a valuable commodity. In Hindu doctrine, gold is seen as the 'mineral light'. Guénon believes that the Latin word for gold-aurum- is the same as the Hebrew for light-_aura.

Gold is seen as a symbolic representation of the sun and as divine intelligence. If the heart is seen as the image of the sun in man, then gold would be seen as the image of the heart in the earth.

Consequently, gold is seen as a representation of all that is superior. Magickal properties are often attributed to items made of or containing gold due to its 'superior' status.

Chrysaor, the magic sword of gold, symbolizes supreme spiritual determination. "He who has a golden sword"! 

Gold is also essential in the symbolism of hidden or elusive treasure. Thus, gold has a long history of being associated with value and Magick.

Obviously Gold is seen as the most precious metal, rare, and difficult to obtain. It is also seen as a metal that does not corrode or tarnish over time. These properties make gold an ideal metal for use in Magickal rituals and spells.

When used as oil, gold is a powerful asset for your aura. It can be used to cleanse and strengthen the aura. It can also be used to increase the power of spells and rituals.

Our Gold Oil is 100% 24 karat Gold , suspended in a light base oil. It can be used on the body, in candles, or added to bath water.

to use on your third eye region gold is a powerful booster for your intuition and pyschic abilitys.

Gold is also used in magickal practices to bring in the energies of success, abundance, and prosperity.

Whether you are looking to attract more wealth into your life, or manifest your goals and dreams, gold can be a helpful ally. When setting your intention, anoint yourself with gold oil by rubbing in a circular motion, VORTEX, around your third eye region.

You can also carry the gold oil with you to use whenever you need a little boost at your job or in your business dealings.

When using gold for healing, it can help to improve mental clarity and focus. It can also be used to soothe anxiety and promote feelings of calmness and well-being. To use gold for healing, add a few drops of oil to your Spiritual bath.

To use Gold Oil for anointing, add a few drops to your palm and then rub it into the area you wish to anoint. Rub around your body like your putting on colonge.

For candles, add a few drops to the candle before lighting it. For baths, add 5-10 drops of oil to the water as you are running your bath.

If you are looking for something special and Magickal to assist in your manifestations, our Gold Oil is perfect for you!

Gold is often used in rituals and spells designed to bring about wealth, success, and prosperity. It can also be used in protection spells and charms.

Gold is associated with the sun and with fire. It is also associated with the planet Venus. As a result, it is often used in rituals and spells involving those energies.

Some of the other correspondences for Gold include:

-Keywords: Wealth, success, prosperity, protection

-Element: Fire

-Planet: Sun, Venus

-Days of the week: Sunday and Friday

-Chakra: Solar Plexus (Manipura) 


As you can see, gold has a wide range of associations and correspondences. It is truly a versatile metal that can be used in many different types of Magickal workings. When choosing to use gold in your rituals and spells, let your imagination be your guide!

It is also associated with the element of Air. Gold is the most versatile metal when it comes to Magickal uses hands down.

In conclusion, gold is a metal with a long history of being associated with value and Magick. It has a wide range of uses in rituals including and also Aura cleansing.